de.Ploeg is a young company comprised of performers Taeke Nicolaï, Vincent Van Sande and Danny Bouman, musician Zino Moons and writer Matthias Hellemans. Het is niet elke dag dat we nodig zijn was the company’s debut production. Koningskloote is their second play. In April 2020, they will be premiering new work at Zuidpool.

Taeke Nicolaï (b. 1995) graduated as an actress from the Royal Conservatoire of Antwerp. She appeared at Bâtard and Bouge B with the performance 21st Century, coached by Michiel Vandevelde. After her schooling, she performed with Danny Bouman and Clara van den Broek in a Monty production called Syriërs, pijn en verwarde dromen by Kamil Abou Saeb. Together with Danielle De Nul, she played at the Winterkaravaan in Alkmaar with Alles is geslacht. In September 2018, she premiered together with Vincent Van Sande at De Warande in the music theatre production Startschot. Taeke has appeared in several short films, such as Dubito and Tussen Nu en Morgen. In December 2019, she will appear in the feature film Yummy by Lars Damoiseaux. In the meantime, she has made two productions with de.ploeg in Zuidpool: Het is niet elke dag dat we nodig zijn en Koningskloote.

Vincent Van Sande (b. 1992) worked for television and theatre after studying at the Royal Conservatoire in Antwerp. At Toneelhuis, he appeared in the production De welwillenden. After that, for the Summer of Antwerp festival, he made the piece De Gouden Draak together with De Roovers. At Zuidpool, he played in De felomstreden kroon…. In autumn of 2017, he made Beginners with Piet Arfeuille and Nathalie Teirlinck at Theater Malpertuis. He also performed with Taeke Nicolaï in the play Startschot by Paul Govaerts.

Danny Bouman (b. 1993) studied at the Royal Conservatoire of Antwerp; he was in the same class as Vincent Van Sande and Taeke Nicolaï. In 2016, he appeared at the Brakke Grond with Ejaculatio Praecox and in 2017 he played at Zuidpool in Friedrich by the Vulvia Groep. He made a short film of his own and has acted in various Flemish television series, such as De Ridder, Cordon and Chaussée d’amour. For his graduation project, All For Love, he worked with Els Dottermans. In 2017 he did a work placement with De Roovers on Onschuld.

Zino Moons (b. 1993) studied Drama at the Conservatoire in Antwerp, and after that at the RITCS School of Arts Brussels. Since then, he has worked both as a performer and musician. During his studies, he became acquainted with the members of de.ploeg. He made the soundscape for their first production, Het is niet elke dag dat we nodig zijn. In the autumn of 2019, he is bringing out Onzin, his first hip-hop album.

Matthias Hellemans (b. 1989) studied Journalism at the Artesis Plantijn University College Antwerp and Drama/Word Art at the Royal Conservatoire of Antwerp. He works for television, film and theatre and was one of the authors in Monty’s Schrijversgevang. In 2018, he made his debut as a playwright with Het is niet elke dag dat we nodig zijn. Koningskloote was his second collaboration with de.ploeg; the third will follow in April 2020. In the meantime, Matthias is working on his first novel.