Etuwe Bright Junior

Etuwe Bright Junior (b. 1988, NG) first set foot in Belgium at the age of 18. It was in November and he didn’t have a winter coat because he hadn’t thought it would be necessary. As a football player from the Nigeria Under-20s, he figured all of the clubs would be fighting to get him. Now he is 30 years old, plays football with KSC Grimbergen in the First Provincial and works in a factory. In addition, he tours through Europe with the Star Boy Collective – applauded on stage one day, back at the assembly line the next. He previously appeared in three other productions; Look On the Bright Side is the first production he made himself.

Star Boy Collective is a group of West African football immigrants/performers who operate through Monty. The Star Boys work under the direction of Ahilan Ratnamohan, an Australian with Sri Lankan roots who now lives in Belgium.

Look On The Bright Side