Florian Myjer en Kim Karssen

Florian Myjer (b. 1992, NL) is a unique voice in the performance landscape. He graduated in Performance in the summer of 2017 from the Maastricht Academy of Performing Arts with Bloomsbury, a production that he made together with Kim Karssen. Before going to the Academy, Florian Myjer appeared in a Frascati Production, Piece (2011), directed by Nicole Beutler. In that same period, he was one of the youth editors for Frascati. For Fraslab in October 2017, he made Oliver, a personal solo about fathers and sons and the desire to be part of a world in which civilization, beauty and tradition are still valued (Theater Aan Zee / De Grote Post Resident Prize). In January 2018 he did Regina Rex, a memorial about two royalty watchers who thoroughly indulge their love of royal families, but most of all is a personal story about desires, ambition and outsiders. The show was nominated for the BNG Theatre Award 2018. In 2019, Florian Myjer is continuing his efforts in a new production, Oorlog en Vrede (premiere May 2019).

Kim Karssen (b. 1996, NL) primarily works with scripts of her own that examine grand themes. With a broad range of characters and facial expressions and a feeling for cabaret, she playfully seeks a balance between laughter and tears. Her absurd, imaginative style of performance resulted in her solo show De Sluipwesp, in which she presents a situation between different characters with the help of only a sweater. In 2016 she trained at the Warme Winkel in the production De Warme Winkel speelt De Warme Winkel . That same year, Kim Karssen worked with Benjamin Abel Meirhaeghe on their first show together, A Love Story, in which Karssen took the role of a tormented swimmer in order to talk about love. In 2017, she and Florian Myjer made the production Bloomsbury, followed by Oorlog en Vrede (2019).

Oorlog & Vrede