Gilles Van Hecke & Emma De Poot & Leonie Buysse & Hussein Al-Khalidi

Gilles Van Hecke (b. 1996) graduated In Drama/Acting from the RITCS School of Arts in Brussels in 2019. Together with Mathias Van der Goten, he comprises the Vielleicht collective. In June 2019, they are presenting Vielleicht speelt Misschien at the Montignacht. In the summer of 2019, he is performing the monologue Boca plena de llavor, written by Jonas De Bruyn, at Shortwood. As an actor, he has performed in Rotterdam in Creation (Pictures for Dorian) by The Gob Squad (2018) and in Démarche 45 (2019) by Anne Declercq.

Emma De Poot (b. 1992) graduated in 2019 in Drama/Acting from the RITCS School of Arts Brussels. In the year of her Master study, she wrote and performed Vulva La Revolucion, a monologue about forgotten women in history, in collaboration with Femke Stallaert, who also was in MaydayMayday.

Leonie Buysse (b. 1992) graduated in 2019 in Drama/Acting from the RITCS School of Arts Brussels.

Hussein Al-Khalidi (b. 1983, IQ) graduated in 2008 from the University of Bagdad, where he studied Acting and Director of Theatre. He additionally studied, among other things, Lighting and Sound Design, for which he won several prizes at theatre festivals in Iraq. From 2009 to 2015, he primarily worked in the Iraqi television world as a producer of documentaries. He also co-wrote TV programmes like The Social Dialogue and File Program. In 2016, Hussein came to Belgium. Since 2017, he has worked at Madam Fortuna vzw in Antwerp as an actor and director; he has performed there in the productions Europese Karavaan, Gemeenschap van Schurken, Dromen zonder vleugels and Eros en Thanatos. He has also worked as a director and actor at KunstZ vzw and Pax Christi vzw in Antwerp.