Il Brigata

Il Brigata is a new Antwerp company of young actors named after the cheerful storytellers from Boccaccio’s Decamerone.

Elias Bosmans (b. 1995) earned his Master’s degree in Acting at the Royal Conservatoire of Antwerp in 2018. In 2016, he appeared in the productions of De Veere, a temporary repertory company comprised of actors from Maatschappij Discordia, TG STAN, ’t Barre Land and the Theatertroep. Together with Maarten Degraeuwe, he made the production Stemlozen, which they presented during the previous edition of Love at First Sight. This coming season he can also be seen as Romeo in Romeo & Julia, a production for foreign speakers by Theater van A tot Z.

Maarten Degraeuwe (b. 1992) graduated as an actor from the Royal Conservatoire of Antwerp in 2017. During his Master’s year there, he created and performed in Stemlozen, together with Elias Bosmans, and performed in Moondance under the direction of Willem De Wolf. He was part of the 2017-2018 Montignards project and in 2019 has worked as a performer, maker and instructor.

Bartel Jespers (b. 1995) appeared in Dood van een handelsreiziger produced by ‘t Arsenaal; Ivanov by Theater Malpertuis; Odysseus: een zwerver komt thuis by KVS; and several productions by Maatschappij Discordia. In 2016 and 2017, he was one of the five makers in the Montignards project of Kultuurfaktorij Monty. His show De Spits van de Koude Oorlog was presented during Love at First Sight in 2017. Currently he is performing with the Theatertroep in their production Troupe en nuit ‘19.

Rino Sokol (b. 1992, NL) is a visual artist and theatre maker. He is rounding off his Master in Cabaret at the Royal Conservatoire of Antwerp in 2019. Outside the walls of the school, he works with his interdisciplinary international collective, 4fold. Together with Jan Bijvoet, he made an adapted version of Woody Allen’s Interiors, and with Herwig Ilegems he made Bernie Spreekt. During his Master’s year, he made the dance production Revolution or Dying Horse, a musical portrait about the contradictions of the Cuban revolution. Recently he made Groen and Soul for the Exit Festival in the Arenberg Theatre.

Gode Kempen (b. 1989, NL) took refuge – after years of traveling, street music, heavy rock ‘n’ roll and playing in all sorts of bands – in Antwerp, where he earned his Master in Drama at the Royal Conservatoire. Gode Kempen made the award-winning production KLUSTER (TAZ#2016, FRINGE AMSTERDAM 2016). He is a cofounder of the collective More Dogs and made the production ZEITGEBER under the wings of music theatre house Orkater. He has worked together with, among others, In Een Discotheek (TAZ#2017, NEKKA 2017), Rooftoptiger, Jade Derudder, Vulvia Groep and De Mannschaft. Currently he is performing internationally with De Passant by Michai Geyzen.

Simon Knaeps (b. 1993) is a child of two worlds. He studied acting at the Royal Conservatoire of Antwerp and is rounding off his Master in Theatre and Film Studies at University of Antwerp in 2019 with a thesis on the relation between theatre and politics. His view of theatre is fuelled both by practical experience and an affinity with its academic framework. Simon was one of the performers in De Belofte Van Clermont-Ferrand, Lies Vandeburie’s graduation project, which led to being selected for TAZ#2016. That same summer, he was also on stage as an actor/mover in the young people’s production This Place Is Looking For Better Men by tg Elektra. He is a co-founding member of Il Brigata and created as well as performed in the first productions of this young actors’ company: Dag 1: Zonder Gerede Twijfel and Dag 2: Jonestown.

Kevin Wekker (b. 1987, NL) has been busy with dance and theatre since childhood. He did preliminary ballet training at the Lucia Marthas Institute for Performing Arts in Amsterdam. His first theatre experience was in 2000, when he appeared in the musical Oliver!. In 2008, he played Appie in Het huis Anubis and in 2010, Errol in Harde Klappen. Currently he is taking lessons in the Chubbuck Technique in Amsterdam.

Dag 2: Jonestown