Jaouad Alloul

Jaouad Alloul (b. 1986) gained television fame as a participant in The Voice van Vlaanderen and appeared in the programme Taboe with Philippe Geubels. But above all, he is a promising theatre maker. This ‘Kielse Rat’ from Antwerp with roots in Morocco has a sweet background as a pastry maker. He took his first big steps on stage as a drag queen, which fanned his love for performing. Now he is presenting songs from his debut album, Messias, and appearing in the school monologue Zeemeermin, in which he tells about his difficult coming-out, his long struggle with himself and his surroundings to be able to be who he is now. Singer and theatre maker Jaouad Alloul spent a long time searching for his identity. After a period of going back and forth and many doubts, he gradually became reconciled with himself. Alloul now describes himself as ‘gender fluid’.

De Meisje