Julie Cafmeyer

Julie Cafmeyer (b. 1987) is a theatre maker, author and columnist. Her work has an autobiographic flavour and is characterized by sharp humour, gloomy lightness and amusing tragedy.

Julie Cafmeyer plays with theatrical codes in her productions and wants to share her questions, problems, failures, and visions and dreams with the spectator. In De Therapie, she gave the audience a peek into her tumultuous love life and asked them for advice. Bombastische Liefdesverklaring was a kind of follow-up in which she shared photos of her ex-boyfriends, emails, text messages, audio recordings and poetry with the audience, intrepidly seeking insights into the heartache we all experience. More than a coming-of-age, Bombastische Liefdesverklaring was also a search for what theatre can be. Julie is convinced that she gains insight only when she confides her struggles to the audience. In Is this porn? No, this is love, Julie picked out a male partner from the audience in order to comprehend the disappearance of couples.

A few months ago, Julie Cafmeyer also started writing columns for De Morgen three times a week. This forces her to relate to the world and broaden her subject matter. She no longer only writes about love, desire and being a woman, but also about religion, politics, feminism, consumerism, burnout and the climate. The personal is no longer just an excerpt from a diary; the personal has become political.

Read Julie’s columns at juliecafmeyer.com


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