Timo Sterckx

Timo Sterckx (b. 1995) just graduated from the School of Arts|KASK Ghent with a Master in Drama. He performed with Compagnie DeSnor in #BOS. With Mats Vandroogenbroeck, he made the productions Het Atomistisch Manifest (Festival Cement and Jonge Harten) and FAUST, a mechanical comedy (TAZ#2017). He also performed in IN KOOR! by Myriam Van Imschoot & Willem de Wolf, and Europa In De Herfst by Theater Malpertuis. His graduation project, The Greatest Show On Earth, is a show of some three and half hours long in which he recites almost an entire book by heart. He sporadically performs in Is This Porn, No This Is Love by Julie Cafmeyer, and next season he will premiere in new productions by Desnor and De Roovers.

Timo Sterckx: “I am interested in performing and ‘the game of performing’. I try to understand all aspects of the game (form and content) in order to achieve as great a diversity as possible in terms of virtuosity in my own practice. My creativity and thinking processes always start when I’m on stage.”

During the Love at first Sight festival you can see Timo Sterckx also in Through the Looking-Glass.