love at first sight #6

festival van (nieuwe) makers 16 — 25 2021 antwerp


Prisca-Agnes Nishimwe (b. 1991) writes, narrates, sings and performs. She studied at the Jazz Studio in Antwerp and has set the stage ablaze with like-minded artists such as Kramer, Gregory Frateur, Pieterjan Vervondel, WORD WA(a)R and Nuit Blanche. She also performs in the show Geel Hesje by Het nieuwstedelijk.

Brice Deconinck (b. 1995) is a multi-instrumentalist and composer who is constantly looking for new approaches to soundscapes and music on the piano. He studied jazz piano in Antwerp and has collaborated with artists such as Saudade, Noe Preszow, Melanie Isaac, Satellite and Nuit Blanche. He has also composed for theatre pieces, such as the production SLOW #4 at the KVS, in collaboration with the Mexican poet Rojo Cordova.

Joris Vantilborgh (b. 1990) is a designer with a hobby that is in danger of getting of hand: anything that makes sound. Using contact microphones and effects, he transforms small objects into dreamy worlds of sound that also reverberate in the marrow and bone of his dark techno. With the Stadsduiven organization, he settled in places like “HetBos, Onderstroom, Stormkop, Muntpunt, Stelplaats” with workshops on music production and how to build sound installations. With Studio Alles, he works as a freelance designer and producer closely together with artists who publish work under the music label ALLES.