Febe Coysman

Febe Coysman (b. 1997, Bruges) earned her Master’s in Drama and Directing from the Royal Institute for Theatre, Cinema & Sound (RITCS) in Brussels in 2022. For her RITCS Bachelor’s thesis in 2021, Febe worked with Lena Majri, Suzanne Ceulemans and Bartel Busschaert to create Once upon a time, a show about a road trip that gets out of hand and brings three people together. On a remote stretch of road, a suicidal man jumps in front of the car of two spunky women. What follows is a story about fate and friendship. In 2022, for her RITCS Master’s thesis, she worked with Lena Majri, Suzanne Ceulemans, Ellen Vervaet and Gitan Eeckhout to make A Turtle's Tale.

In her shows, Febe always searches for a grotesque style of acting that is nevertheless sincere. Themes such as revenge, love, tragedy, despair, loneliness and death often recur. Comedy is very important in her work; it is the greatest challenge for her as a theatre maker and at the same time the most fun to do. Febe writes her scripts herself, always starting from absurd situations and filmic images.


A Turtle's Tale