love at first sight #6

festival van (nieuwe) makers 16 — 25 2021 antwerp

Gedachtegang & Aram Abgaryan

Aram Abgaryan (b. 1996) is a producer and musician at KRANKk, where he has recently been experimenting with a 'multi-sensory live show' that has an impact on all the senses. Apart from KRANKk, Aram also works solo on the better beats under the name Fifty Hertz. He won the Champion Sound Beat Battle in 2020, thereby joining the likes of Susobrino and Ashley Morgan and others.

GEDACHTEGANG deals with thought as a line of reasoning from the past, which we need to shape the present, implying that thought may lead to something else in the future. GEDACHTEGANG is a sensitive and perceptive circus that tackles challenging themes in a conscious and polyphonic way. GEDACHTEGANG is ‘inter’ in many respects: interdisciplinary, international, interaction, interhuman, interpretation, interruption and intercultural. GEDACHTEGANG questions in a circuslike manner the expectations, habits and patterns that exist in our society. GEDACHTEGANG is the duo Jakobe Geens and Margot Jansens.

Jakobe Geens (b. 1994) is an enthusiastic, pragmatic and idealistic dance acrobat. She has a passion for the connection with the body, discovering its limits and overcoming them in a playful way. To help this passion blossom, she studied acrobatics at both ACaPa in Tilburg and the DOCH in Stockholm.

Margot Jansens followed circus workshops with Circusplaneet in Ghent until the age of 18. After that, she moved to Brussels, where she studied stage technique at the Royal Institute for Cinema, Theatre and Sound (RITCS), specializing in lighting design and production. She then went to DOCH Stockholm, where she enrolled in the master programme in contemporary circus practices and did research on older female circus artistes. After one semester, she decided to seek other circus horizons. Currently she is part of the production team at CIRKLABO and works as a freelance dramaturge for Hendrik Van Maele, among others.


Distort the body