love at first sight #6

festival van (nieuwe) makers 16 — 25 2021 antwerp

monokimono & Ruby Renteurs

monokimono's ambition is to carve out a new path with their music, away from what is currently trendy in pop music. No fashionable reverting to old analogue equipment and scratchy tapes. Instead, the band, headed up by Ben Tanghe and further comprised of Simon Beeckaert (Echo Beatty), Lise Daelemans (UMM) and Michael-John Joosen (Billie Rodney, The Girl Who Cried Wolf), wants to embrace the cold and chilly shortcomings of the digital age. They currently have an album in production phase, for which they are working with producer Felix Machtelinckx (Tin Fingers, Arsenal).

Ruby Renteurs (b. 1996) is a costume designer, art director, set designer, illustrator and ever so much more. She provided blackwave and Jaguar Jaguar, among others, with the necessary dose of style in the past, which gave her experience with costumes in a musical context.