Violet Braeckman & Ramy Moharam Fouad

Ramy Moharam Fouad (b. 1999) is a Belgian film director and photographer. His passion for the audiovisual world is rooted in photography, with which Ramy could do a lot of experimenting as a teenager. After participating in various photo contests with his personal work, collected over the years, he found his way onto the backstages of several Belgian musicians and bands and started following them on tour. Always on the go with his brother, the singer-songwriter Tamino, Ramy created a visual identity for him during Tamino’s breakthrough, and still does, keeping it current. During that period he became passionate about the moving image and after directing his first music video at the age of 16 for Tamino's song Cigar, he decided to pursue the path of directing. From that moment on, Ramy directed many music videos for artists such as Tamino, blackwave, Emma Bale and Selah Sue.

Besides directing fashion films, music videos and commercials, he works mainly on short films of his own, in which he tells stories that he feels need to be told. Shadow, till you return is a short film he made together with actress Violet Braeckman in 2020. His most recent work is Till I Return, a short film he wrote and directed in 2021 about a young man named Aram, trying to decide how and with whom to spend his last night in freedom before he and his generation leave for parts unknown for a very long time. A destination from which they may never return.

Despite his young age, Ramy has succeeded in creating a unique visual world in which he focuses on the slowness of storytelling, on creating an environment in which carefully chosen images can stand on their own and actors have enough room to really act.

Violet Braeckman (b. 1996) is a Belgian actress who works in theatre, film and television. She graduated from the Toneelacademie Maastricht Institute of Performing Arts in 2019. Before, during and after her studies she had roles in the films GR5, F*** You Very Very Much, Over Water, The Window and Salamander. In theatre, she played in various de Kopergietery productions, in Robert Icke’s Oedipus with International Theater Amsterdam, Het Duel with Het Nationale Theater, Wildernis with Laika… During the first lockdown she wrote and created the short film Schaduw, tot je terugkomt together with Ramy Moharam Fouad, and after that she made her own short films, Panjareh and Hert. Currently she is co-writing Making Plans For Oscar, Brian Windelinckx’s debut film, and is filming a new series with Opera Ballet Flanders. In the autumn, shooting for the second season of F*** You Very Much will start, as well as rehearsals for Winterreise with the Opera in Antwerp and Muziektheater Transparant.

Since 2016, Violet has been organising her own theatre, music and short film festival, Short Wood. A vibrant day full of work by the profusion of young makers in our lowlands mixed with more established talents. Such as: Benjamin Abel Meirhaeghe, Anna-Franziska Jäger & Nathan Ooms, Kim Karssen & Florian Myjer, Oriana Ikomo, Ammen Simpson Ohedengbe, Olympique Dramatique, Ramy Moharam Fouad, Dez Mona, Compact Disk Dummies, Louise Bergez, Willem Ardui, Jef Hellemans, etc. etc.