An incomplete life

The work of the young, Dutch collective Wild Vlees is a continuous conversation about the importance of mankind. In the impressively serene When everything is human, the human is an entirely different thing (2016) they had the human ego merge with his surroundings. The production was nominated for the BNG Bank New Theatre-makers’ Prize.

Now Tamar Blom (1992) and Francesca Lazzeri (1991) are investigating the role of human life on our planet. Why are we determined to hold on to it at all costs? In An incomplete life they try to embrace life as a whole. And perhaps also mortality…

“How do you describe what happens to you while watching Wild Vlees’ An incomplete life? The plot is so simple that you’d expect a deadly dull hour was in store. But once again this collective (which already impressed with When everything is human, the human is an entirely different thing) has found a revelatory way of making us understand the vulnerability of a human life.” Wendy Lubberding, Theaterkrant.Nl 25 March 2017 *****

“Hoe te beschrijven wat je overkomt tijdens het kijken naar An Incomplete Life van Wild Vlees? De eenvoud van de handeling lijkt misschien een garantie voor een oersaai uur. Maar dit collectief, dat eerder al imponeerde met When everything is human, the human is an entirely different thing, heeft opnieuw een vorm gevonden om de kwetsbaarheid van een mensenleven op veelzeggende wijze invoelbaar te maken.” - Wendy Lubberding, Theaterkrant*****, 25 maart 2017

by and with Vera Andeweg, Tamar Blom, Pleun van Dijk, Neal Groot, Francesca Lazzeri, Bauke Moerman, Loes van der Pligt, Job Rietvelt, Erica Smits, Nina Aalders, Sergio Gridelli, Marijn Lems, Theatergroep Suburbia and Merijn Versnel | production Wild Vlees (NL) | coproduction Boulevard Theatre Festival (NL), Festival Cement (NL) and Het Huis Utrecht (NL) | with the support of PLAN Talentontwikkeling Brabant (NL) | with thanks to d e t h e a t e r m a k e r