Another one

Another One is about two imaginary mortals quietly exploring the sufferings of silence. They are each other’s pillar and survive time together. As a couple they defend the emergence of the menacing depth that slowly infiltrates their world. So Another One is all about tolerating and being tolerated, about not being able to be with each other… or without.

Lobke Leirens and Maxim Storms both graduated from the School of Arts | KASK Ghent. In 2014 they presented their first joint project Krocht at TAZ (Theatre by the Sea). Krocht was a bizarre visual journey in which the seated spectators were wheeled through a macabre labyrinth populated by mealworms and semi-humans.

“Creating such an uncanny space is impressive in itself, because it takes Another One beyond the anecdotal story in which many young theatre-makers get bogged down: Leirens and Storms go for the universal gesture. A second reason why it is impressive is the way they create this spacetime: not with a clever set or lighting (which is in no way a comment on their quality), but through the repetitive scanning of time, by bringing every dialogue and dramatic action back to a form of rhythm, to the point where Another One almost becomes a visual concert.” Evelyne Coussens, Etcetera 10 February 2017

“Het creëren van zo’n unheimische ruimte is een verdienste op zich, want daarmee springt Another One verder dan het anekdotische verhaaltje waarin veel jonge theatermakers zich vastrijden: Leirens en Storms gaan voor het universele gebaar. Een tweede verdienste schuilt in de manier waarop ze deze tijdruimte tot stand brengen: niet door slim decor- of lichtwerk (waarmee niets wordt gezegd over de kwaliteit daarvan), maar door het repetitief scanderen van de tijd, door elke handeling, dialoog of dramatische actie terug te brengen tot een vorm van ritme, in die mate dat Another One bijna een beeldend concert wordt.” Evelyne Coussens, Etcetera, 10 februari 2017

by and with Lobke Leirens and Maxim Storms | coproduction Vooruit, Arenbergschouwburg, vzw Drift | with thanks for the support of KAAP and Buda