In 400 BC Euripides wrote The Bacchantes, a play about the introduction of a new religion in the city of Thebes, where women who have gone mad are the priestesses. Students from the Utrecht School of the Arts and the RITCS School of Arts, coached by Stef Lernous from Abattoir Fermé, sink their teeth into the text and don’t let go, ripping words apart and shredding them into letters. About a dark space that we have forgotten is within us too.

Performance Tessa Friedrich, Sam Ghilane, Joep Hendrikx, Kirsten van den Hoorn, Yamill Jones, Liza Kollau, Olivier van Klaarbergen, Dennie Lukkezen, Hanne Machielsen, Hannes Reckelbus, Maxime Vandommele, Birgit Welink | direction Stef Lernous | direction assistance Maja Westerveld | technique Sanne Weber and An De Hondt | head of production Inge Zeilinga | production Utrecht School of the Arts (NL), RITCS School of Arts, NONA, Abattoir Fermé | in collaboration with deBuren, Flemish Arts Centre de Brakke Grond (NL), d e t h e a t e r m a k e r, Theater Aan Zee

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