student @ work - RITCS Brussel

Gilles Van Hecke & Emma De Poot & Leonie Buysse & Hussein Al-Khalidi

New acting talents from the RITCS School of Arts in Brussels perform under the direction of theatre maker Gökhan Girginol in a show about the social world of young people. What inspires them? What drives them? Why do things sometimes go wrong? And when that happens, is it irreversible? Irrevocable? Based on conversations with young people from various backgrounds, teachers and study monitors, Gökhan puts together a collection of penetrating stories: Banzaï (Chinese for ‘may you live a long life’).

direction Gökhan Girginol | performance Leonie Buysse, Gilles Van Hecke, Emma De Poot, Hussein Mahdi al-Khalidi | script Chris Van Camp | scenography Lize Verlooy | coach, dramaturgical advice Jos Verbist | production Theater Antigone, d e t h e a t e r m a k e r