Bombastische Liefdesverklaring

Bombastische Liefdesverklaring (Bombastic declaration of love)

Photographs of former boyfriends, emails, texts, audio recordings and poetry. Struggling with her love life, Julie Cafmeyer experiences orgasms, despair, rejection and heaven. She is fearless in her endeavours to understand the heartache we all experience. More than a coming-of-age story, Bombastische Liefdesverklaring is a quest for what theatre can be. A trip through love.

script and acting Julie Cafmeyer | coaching Ellen Schoenaerts, Dennis Molendijk, Helena Muskens and Quirine Racké | dramaturgy Pol Eggermont | scenography Catharina Scholten | production Toneelschuur Producties (NL), De Brakke Grond (NL) | with thanks to CAMPO | with the support of the Performing Arts Fund The Netherlands

De Studio, Maarschalk Gerardstraat 4, 2000 Antwerpen (Google Maps)

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