De Reconstructie + Kosmos

double bill

Timeau De Keyser & Tibaldus

De Reconstructie

Timeau De Keyser & Pieter Dumoulin

In De Reconstructie, a series of mysterious events is set into motion when a hunter finds a dead body in the woods. Various figures appear and manipulate the scene of the crime. The hunter does not understand the strange spectacle and becomes entangled in a labyrinth where the boundaries of time and space grow blurry. A short film by Pieter Dumoulin (b. 1989) and Timeau De Keyser (b. 1988), with Jan Bijvoet in the leading role.

Scenario: Pieter Dumoulin and Timeau De Keyser | with Jan Bijvoet, Hans Mortelmans, Max Pairon | producer: Lunanime


Until November 2013, the Gesu Convent in Brussels provided accommodation for some 250 people, including a good many Roma families from Slovakia. In the final months before they were evicted, Ruben Desiere (b. 1990) made a film together with some of the residents, loosely based on the novel Kosmos (Cosmos) by the Polish author Witold Gombrowicz. The film focuses on the family of Kevin Mroc, who had been living there for three years, and two newcomers, Mizu Balász and Rastjo Vano.

Direction: Ruben Desiere | with: Vladimír Balász, Bartolomej Mroc and others | production: Accattone Films

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