De Spits van de Koude Oorlog


(The Peak of the Cold War)

is like flying
except that it has
a more permanent destination.

Reynout Dekimpe (1991) and Bartel Jespers (1995), two theatre-makers from Kultuurfaktorij Monty’s Montignard project, meddle in the world of the first Cosmonauts. The Montignard project is a programme for ‘making actors’ and ‘acting makers’. Every season it gives five talented, newly graduated makers like Dekimpe & Jespers the space to make shows or try-outs in quick succession. In De spits van de Koude Oorlog they change places with Yuri Gagarin and Vladimir Komarov, two comrades and buddies who went into space and landed on the Steppes of the Soviet Union. De spits van de Koude Oorlog is a story about friendship that transcends all boundaries.

concept, script, acting and set Reynout Dekimpe and Bartel Jespers | production Kultuurfaktorij Monty