From Molenbeek with Love

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From Molenbeek with Love, Yassin Mrabtifi’s first solo performance as a choreographer and dancer, is the delicate quest of a young man who tries to reconcile different identities as he searches for acceptance. It is also an ode to loving the other and being loved in turn. For Mrabtifi, dance is a language and tool, a language that he brews from different genres and styles into an accessible and quirky mélange.

concept, choreography, dance Yassin Mrabtifi | artistic advice Moya Michael, Greet Van Poeck | lighting design Gert Van Hyfte | music and soundscape Simon Callier | scenography Danny Vandeput /KVS | costume design Heidi Ehrhart/KVS | executive production Kosmonaut, Hanne De Valck | coproduction Ultima Vez/Life Long Burning, KVS | with thanks to Ruth Bruyneel