The universe lost its centre from one day to the next. In the evening it had one, by the morning countless. In Galileo, for the first time just the two of them - Louis Janssens (1995) and Ferre Marnef (1994) - are on stage. They bring balance into this imbalance or imbalance into this balance. They create and try to establish equilibrium. Widely extolled truths are tapped on the shoulder. Doubt is now cast on what was beyond doubt. Because everything moves, my friend. The world must be prized open so that the horizon can once again glide in all directions.

by and with Ferre Marnef and Louis Janssens | coach Peter Seynaeve | production d e t h e a t e r m a k e r and CAMPO | in association with KASK drama | with thanks to Zuidpool, KAAP Creative Compass, les ballets c de la b, DE Studio, Troubleyn/Laboratorium, Elsemieke Scholte, Pol Heyvaert, Helen Van de Vloet and Simon Baetens

Leopold, Leopoldstraat 31a (Google Maps)

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