Glory Box

Mira Bryssinck


Glory Box is a monologue about (un) intentional isolation. A caretaker of a building (Mira Bryssinck) confronts herself in the mirrored halls of her mind and converses with the surrounding darkness. Her thoughts fade and wander, she follows the echo of her own voice and tries to sort out what is important. Because what is really essential to a person? For this intense monologue, Mira (ex-KASK Ghent) examined what isolation does to a person, and what it means to feel confined.

concept, script, performance Mira Bryssinck | dramaturgy, artistic assistance Daan Borloo | advice Bart Meuleman | movement coach Arend Pinoy | lighting design and technique Tom Declercq | image Yuri van der Hoeven | production Compagnie Cecilia | thanks to Gouvernement, Vooruit, Dounia Mahammed, Steve Salembier, Henk Vandecaveye, KASK / School of Arts Gent, Toneelhuis