How do people hold their own in an architectural space – the desolate area beneath a bridge – that is indifferent to people being there and weighs down on them with its enormity? The strongest sign that a person can give is ‘to be’ or ‘not to be’. One and zero are tools for expressing just that: to be; not to be. And then an architectural space can be read as a musical score of unusual encounters.

The bus leaves from the Festival centre, DE Studio. Show starts on location at 7 PM.

Concept and direction: Bosse Provoost | performers and creators: Lieselotte De Keyzer, Kobe Chielens, Midas De Saedeleir, Britt Bakker and Geert Belpaeme | mentors: Bauke Lievens and Alain Platel | with thanks to East Flanders Roads & Traffic Agency, MiramirO, Sebastiaan Eggermont, Indra De Bruyn, Sander Tant, Reindert Vermeire, KASK Drama

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