Here she lies, Sir

Mario Leko

in English, no Dutch surtitles

Ophelia, Lady Macbeth and Thaisa, three women from three different Shakespeare plays, come together under one roof in this performance by the young Croatian scenographer and video artist, Mario Leko. The three display similarities – they all die, for instance – but at the same time they attempt to be unique. In Here she lies, Sir they transform their original positions and create room for personal freedom. How much of what we call femininity is the consequence of an established image?

direction Mario Leko | performance Darya Gantura, Marie De Corte, Juriji der Klee | male choir Rasim Asan, Daniel Djissenou, Jecsan Jiminez, Khalid Koujili | soundscape, music Patrick Housen | costumes Lies Maréchal | scenography Simon Vanheukelom, Mario Leko | coproduction C-TAKT, kunstZ