Het Huwelijk

Dutch spoken

After Yvonne, Prinses van Bourgondië (Ivona, Princess of Burgundia), Tibaldus is tackling a second play by the Polish author Witold Gombrowicz. In Het Huwelijk (The Marriage, 1947), the Prince wants to oust the authorities, the established ‘Order’, by becoming King himself. Tibaldus intensifies the musicality of the play by combining Gombrowicz’s linguistic motifs with melodies from Flemish Polyphony.

direction Timeau De Keyser | script Witold Gombrowicz | translation Paul Beers | by and with Simon De Winne (performance and song), Hans Mortelmans (performance), Ferre Marnef (performance), Lieselotte De Keyzer (performance), Katrien Valckenaers (performance and song), Hendrik Van Doorn (performance), Sander De Winne (song), Lieven Gouwy (song) | coproduction Tibaldus, Toneelhuis | supported by CAMPO, KAAP