I put a spell on you


English spoken


is a performance about externally inflicted inhibitions, which is juxtaposing the notions of private self versus a totalitarian authority. 3 individuals are locked up in a space where the presence of the supreme observer is inescapable. Their fragile bodies
having lost all notion of privacy, are in a constant regime of self-discipline. Although they cannot be in contact, nor can they say what they want, together they are looking for a solution out of the situation.

choreography Ehsan Hemat | creative associate Gilles Polet | performers Mostafa Shabkhan, Gilles Polet, Yumi Osanai | Sound Roeland Luyten | drone/image-operator Ugo Dehaes | lighting and decor Helmut Van den Meersschaut and Ehsan Hemat | video Maarten Van Vooren | script Yasen Vasilev | production Isabelle Vander Stockt | developed at Co-laBo | with support of Vlaamse Gemeenschap, detheatermaker, workspacebrussels, WIPCOOP/MAP