Imagine Moving Rocks

Een beeldende ontdekkingsreis voor families of vrienden

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Where do you want to stand? Which colour do you choose? Which rock is best for you? In the large-as-life party game Imagine Moving Rocks, choreographer Katrien Oosterlinck brings you on a surprising theatrical journey. In a graceful way, she guides a group of people in their exploration of social space.
Come with a little group of your own, comprised of family members, friends, neighbours, colleagues, or acquaintances. Adults and children are welcome (min. 8, max. 12 people).

concept and guide Katrien Oosterlinck | lighting design Caroline Mathieu | sound design Pol Vanlaer | sets Tine Colen & Jan Van Goethem | costumes Lies Marechal | coach Lotte van den Berg | voice coach David Verbeeck | production wpZimmer | coproduction C-Takt, Vooruit, STUK | residencies Dommelhof, Vooruit, STUK, Het Bos, CcBe