Langzaam gleed een berg het dal in

Laura Vroom

Dutch spoken

Everybody wants to grow old but nobody wants to be old. How do we deal with time and our memories? Laura Vroom was inspired by her experience as a volunteer in a residential care centre in Ghent, where she spoke at length with the residents. On the basis of anecdotes, memories, observations and musings, Laura presents an absurd and poetic stream of thought to sketch a portrait of old age.

by and with Laura Vroom | coaching Tine Van Aerschot, Ineke Nijssen | dramaturgy Katrien Valckenaers | technique Ole Ceenaeme | production Laura Vroom, Zuidpool | with the support of WpZimmer, De Grote Post, Stad Gent

Zuidpool, Lange Noordstraat 11 (Google Maps)

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