Let salmons climb waterfalls

Alessandra Ferreri & Matteo Sedda

Belgische première

Every year millions of salmons leave the open sea and embark on their final expedition: to climb the purling rivers of sweet water and reproduce where their life once began. An unstoppable race which ends with their inevitable death. Nature uses them as vectors of life at the expense of their very existence. What drives them to venture on this journey with no return? The Italian Alessandra Ferreri - actress, philosopher and assistant for, among other things, Mount Olympus - investigate with performer Matteo Sedda and sound designer Joshua Vanhaverbeke, the brutal strategy of Nature and its magnetic game of attractions, through an organic dance.

concept and direction Alessandra Ferreri | performer Matteo Sedda | lighting and sound design Joshua Vanhaverbeke | costume Liesbeth Plettinckx | scenography Alessandra Ferreri, Joshua Vanhaverbeke | production vitamina | supported by Compagnia Magnifico Teatrino (Bologna), La Favela chic (Ravenna), Danse Dense (Paris) and created at Troubleyn Laboratorium (Antwerp)