Hannah De Meyer

Hannah De Meyer: “Levitations is my head and my body turned inside out. It is my party and the spectators are my guests. It is my darkroom. It is my Buddhist hut in the mountains and everyone is at peace. I am the Shaman and I cast a spell on everyone, until one is cast on me.

Everyone is calm, the light is orangey-yellow. There is a curtain rail in the wavy design of an Alvar Aalto vase. A very thin, transparent material is pulled along the rail while someone says: “I wanna be alone and I don’t wanna lose you.” I would be delighted to welcome the spectators to my party and into my darkroom.”

Hannah De Meyer creates poetical universes where hope and despair, being and not being, sexuality, love and death rub shoulders. Levitations is a residual space, a gap in time where nothing and everything happens.

“De Meyer avails herself of a vividly written, fairy-tale text full of deep thoughts which she often shares with the audience with a witticism or a wink. In relatively accentless, highly articulated English she envelops the audience in her dream world, in much the same way as she swathes her characters in fabric. A smoke machine called ‘atmosphere’ contributes to the rarefied sphere.”

Sara van der Kooi in Theaterkrant.nl, 8 April 2017

concept, direction and acting Hannah De Meyer | lighting design Sjaak Zegwaard | with many thanks to Rik De Meyer, Lut Lievens, Jo D’Hoore, Kinga Jaczewska, Bram Van der Kelen, Mirthe Labree, Karlijn Milder, Daan Couzijn and Lotte Milder | production Frascati (NL) | coproduction Toneelhuis

Troubleyn / Jan Fabre, Pastorijstraat 23 (Google Maps)

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