1095 was written by poet Victor Lauwers and is presented by Lisaboa & Kuiperskaai. The group had already attracted attention for its exuberant acting- and visual language. In weighty plays like The Goldberg Chronicles (2014) and The Winter’s Tale (2016), Kuiperskaai takes a fresh and brazen approach to its exploration of the interaction on stage between theatre, visual art, choreography, costumes, performance and music.

1095 takes us back to the eleventh century. A young Benedictine monk, Benny, has fled the abbey in Ghent and is travelling through Europe as an exile. That same year 1095 Pope Urban II delivered a rousing speech in Clermont in the South of France, summoning rich and poor to embark on a righteous war – the Crusades - to help their fellow Christians in the East and take back the holy city of Jerusalem from the enemy of all believers: the Muslims. 1095 is a story about the mystery that pervades a zeitgeist, about moderation and extremism.

In this physical play, Lisaboa Houbrechts reduces human interaction to its very essence: making pure, raw emotions tangible. The result is an unsettling journey from Flanders to the Loire region, via Barcelona, and on to the ravaged caliphate of Cordoba. 1095 is not realistic theatre; rather it explores its relationship with reality. It is about alienation and the appropriation of history. Is there such a thing as a historical performance? How does a body move that survives all the centuries?

script Victor Lauwers | direction Lisaboa Houbrechts | with Seppe Decubber, Romy Louise Lauwers, Victor Lauwers, Lobke Leirens and Maxime Rouquart | scenography Oscar van der Put | costumes Sietske Van Aerde | composition Maxime Rouquart | recording cello Simon Lenski | light Ken Hioco | promotion Pauwel Hertmans | technique Pauwel Hertmans, Matthias Van Dromme | production Kuiperskaai | coproduction Monty, Toneelhuis | thanks to Needcompany and Royal Museum of Fine Arts Antwerp