Look On The Bright Side

Etuwe Bright Junior

Dutch spoken, surtitled in English

Junior originally came to Europe to pursue a career in football. Now, having no diploma, he works in a factory. With the performance group Star Boy Collective, Junior tours all over Europe. He is appreciated everywhere, but the next day he is nevertheless back in the factory again. In the solo Look On The Bright Side, Junior examines his own dream: stardom. He stands in front of an audience that, in a certain sense, will determine his future. What mechanisms in our society determine who ‘makes it’?

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Look On The Bright Side is de vierde voorstelling die voortkomt uit Star Boy Collective, een groep West-Afrikaanse voetbalmigranten en performers. Samen met regisseur Ahilan Ratnamohan werken zij vanuit Monty.

concept, performance Etuwe Bright Junior | direction Ahilan Ratnamohan | musician Jeremie Hakeshimana | dramaturgy Sodja Lotker | costumes, dramaturgy Anne-Catherine Kunz | lighting design Herman Sorgeloos | script advice Phéline Thierens | production Monty Kultuurfaktorij, Star Boy Collective

Kultuurfaktorij Monty, Montignystraat 3 (Google Maps)

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