Moore Bacon!

A play of light reveals a naked body, floating in a dark space. The body is torn apart and assumes impossible shapes: it stretches, contracts, and bursts apart, only to subsequently present itself to us in a new shape. Moore Bacon! constantly tricks the spectator’s eye. Every perception is an act of creation, with textures, shapes and colours sooner existing in the viewer’s own imagination than being a reflection of what is actually happening on stage.

Direction Bosse Provoost | performance Kobe Chielens | visuals Chantal Pollier | dramaturgical advice Bauke Lievens | technique Abel Provoost, Geert Belpaeme | with thanks to Art Centre BUDA, CC De Grote Post, Kunstencentrum De Werf, Geert Belpaeme, Koenraad Vandersyppe

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