My Life with the Tree

de botanica van het verlangen

Desiring something – that’s what nourishes life and keeps it going. It makes you have dreams for which you are willing to toil and sweat. But how much has to be sacrificed in order for you to reach your goal? In My Life with the Tree – De botancia van het verlangen (The Botany of Desire), theatre-maker Alexia Leysen (b. 1988) investigates the mechanisms of desire through the indirect route of the imagination and with the poetry of the anti-spectacle.

direction Alexia Leysen | with Geert Belpaeme | technique Niels Antonissen | decor Kristof Morel | production d e t h e a t e r m a k e r | coproduction Villanella, Festival Cement (NL) | coach Willy Thomas | with thanks to the City of Antwerp, Troubleyn, Toneelhuis

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