Nooit opgevoerd toneel


(Unstaged theatre)

Over the years Tibaldus rehearsals have produced not only productions but also a succession of notes about the thoughts of a theatre spectator: spectators’ monologues, poetical narrations which reveal a single-minded view of theatre and actors. Etcetera has already published a few of these texts. Now they are being performed in their entirety in a theatre and presented as an installation.

On stage, three older actors.
They’ve only just got there, but they are acting, they are acting!
as if they have been there for hours and hours.
They do this so well that I fall off my seat.
I find myself wanting to apologize
and if this wasn’t theatre,
I would have apologized.
It was a strange feeling,
as if I and all the other spectators in the auditorium
had arrived late.
They are acting!
I calm down, because I know I arrived in time.
The ticket said eight o’clock and it’s exactly five past eight.

script Hans Mortelmans | installation Timeau De Keyser, Simon De Winne and Hans Mortelmans | with thanks to all the Tibaldus actors and characters