Oorlog & Vrede

Florian Myjer en Kim Karssen

Belgische première

After Bloomsbury (2017), their successful graduation project, Florian Myjer and Kim Karssen – both of whom studied at Toneelacademie Maastricht – climbed the Mount Everest of world literature: Tolstoy’s War and Peace. No ordinary adaptation of a novel, this is an explosive, megalomaniacal evening of theatre. Tolstoy’s characters lead grand and compelling lives. In icy Russian winters, they gamble with family capital, die much too young and much too horrifically, get their hearts broken again and again.… With this magnum opus, the makers immerse us in the most important question of all: How to live our lives?

by and with Florian Myjer and Kim Karssen | final direction Timothy de Gilde | costumes Hanne Pierrot | sound design Jelle Hoekstra | set Joey Schrauwen | lighting design Barbara de Beer | production Frascati

Bourla , Komedieplaats 18 (Google Maps)

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