“You have to trust me. I need you on this one. I need you to trust me on this one. I know we make mistakes. Jenkins. Do you trust me? Ok Jenkins, are you in my team? It’s just us now. Copy me. I’m sorry. I’m used to making mistakes. It’s one small step for… Are you a baptist? You have to trust me on this one. Ok? In the past, ok? I’m your only child. Stop smiling Jenkins, this is serious, this one is for justice. Just jump. It’s a leap of faith. I didn’t know at the time, you just have to trust me on this one. We have to stick together. In all this awfulness. You only count on Jenkins. Ok?”

Pygmalion is a performance about man as a creative being by Eva Binon (1982), Jason Dousselaere (1979) and Louise Van den Eede (1985). Under the shadow of a dark force of nature a cheerful game is played out over and over again.

script, concept and acting Eva Binon, Jason Dousselaere and Louise Van den Eede | music Jason Dousselaere | visuals Jan Palinckx, Tina Heylen and Niké Moens | production Compagnie Frieda | coproduction Het Bos, Arenberg & Love at first Sight | with the support of Vooruit, Les Ateliers Claus, KAAP, Government of Flanders and Provincie Oost-Vlaanderen

Arenberg, Arenbergstraat 28 (Google Maps)

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