Schrijversgevang #9

Monty launched Schrijversgevang (Writer’s Prison) in 2008, an experiment that grew into an established tradition. This is the ninth edition. Three promising young playwrights – Mirke Kist, Carmen Michels and Esther Duysker, this time around – agree to seclude themselves for a week in the Monty Arts Centre. On the fifth day, each of them has to come up with a new, finished play. The fruits of their pens, fresh off the press, are presented at the end of the week by three well-seasoned companies: de NweTijd, Theater Antigone and Bookers & Hookers. Spiced with the requisite dose of deadline adrenaline for both authors and actors, the result is always refreshing theatre.

Script Carmen Michels, Mirke Kist and Esther Duysker | with actors from de NweTijd, Antigone, Bookers & Hookers | production Monty