SUPERBIA (kortfilm)

(short film)
As a student at Maastricht Academy of Performing Arts, Anna Luka da Silva (1994) produced a short film (13’) that leaves you slightly bewildered: “An ode to the inaccessible psychology of the Mills and Boon’s-type novel”, as she herself describes it. “About drowning in debt. About the manipulated search for safety and security. About displaying one’s own suffering. About the stagnated cry for attention. About surrendering to solace. About humbly asking for forgiveness.”

concept and direction Anna Luka da Silva | cast Guus Jacobs, Irma van Hoof, Sasja Jans, Nicole Verhoef van Bree, Marjon Heemskerk, Marga Schoenmakers, Marie Louise Mientjes and Berdie Walter | director’s assistant Celine Daemen | cameraman Ino van der Sande | sound Jurriaan van Dijck and Mike Bijlmakers | organist Lea Lomans | set design Bert Snaterse | production assistant Marios Bellas | montage Arber Aliaj | with thanks to Trudo Engels, Peter Missotten and Thomas Verbogt