In 2016 as part of TRANSFO COLLECT, collective work was done on TERRA FORM*2.0 in different stages: at a time when the ground is increasingly pulled from under your feet TRANSFO COLLECT goes in search of the potential of new common ground. After the collective show TERRA FORM*, in April 2017 several members of TRANSFO COLLECT worked on their own interpretation of concepts like ‘biosphere’, ‘terraforming’, ‘home’ and ‘ground’.

Some of the material produced during TERRA FORM* will be shown as TERRA FORM * 2.0 at Love at first Sight. Farbod will be on stage with SHIRAZ and Giovanni with DODO. Several other makers from TRANSFO COLLECT may perform alongside them, like Hasib with HOME and Abdoulaye with PLANETARIUM and possibly others too.

In SHIRAZ Farbod looks at how shattered dreams about his homeland can nevertheless be inspirational for us and how the Iranian ‘underground’ offers fierce resistance to deadly political pressure.

In DODO Giovanni looks at how the newly discovered continent of Mauritania produces both the past of the islands and a new, as yet unformed future. Who really stole Mauritius: the natives, the colonists or the multinationals?

HOME: Hasib came to Belgium as a refugee from Afghanistan. He wandered into the Terra Form production and stayed with us. Together with Eduardo Ripani, he developed his Dream Room. Now he is showing a sequel.

In PLANETARIUM Abdoulaye takes us off to different planets to find out which are habitable for him and for refugees.

Terraformation/terraforming is the hypothetical process of deliberately modifying the hostile environment of another planet to make it habitable for Earth-like life.

by and with Adnane, Beyza, Edoardo, Giovanni, Bilal, Stefan, Nawal, Beste, Liesbeth, Alice, Farbod, Hasib, Hamid, Roel, Louay, Ahlaam, Samy, Bilan, Abdulaye, Chiraz, Ahmed, Serdi, Haider, Michiel, Aurélie, Georgina, Karim, Bart, Sofie, Geert, Jeff, Marlies et al | in cooperation with Ritcs and De Kriekelaar | with the support of the VGC and the Flemish Community

Troubleyn / Jan Fabre, Pastorijstraat 23 (Google Maps)

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