The Upside Down Man

Mohamed Toukabri

in English

With his first solo, The Upside Down Man, young Tunisian performer Mohamed Toukabri adds a new voice to the discourse on migration. From head spinner in the streets of Tunisia to the P.A.R.T.S. dance school in Brussels to international stages with Rosas and Needcompany, Mohamed explores the *intermediate zones between Eastern and Western cultures, breakdance and ballet. Toukabri narrates and dances his life story in an intimate and disarming solo.

concept, performance Mohamed Toukabri | script Mohamed Toukabri | with thanks to Ines Ghannoudi and Amin Malouf |dramaturgy Diane Fourdrignier | composition Kevin Strauvn | video Mohamed Toukabri, Gwen Laroche | technique Gwen Laroche | production Mohamed Toukabri | coproduction HELLERAU (D)