Timo Sterckx


Louis Janssens and Ferre Marnef have been working together as Desnor since 2012. In Toverberg, they take up where novelist Thomas Mann left off almost 100 years ago in his Magic Mountain. Mann showed the impasse of the bourgeoisie up on the mountain and the gap between them and the people ‘down below’. Today we are again at an impasse: never before has the gap between rich and poor been as great as it is now. With a feeling for monumentality, Desnor wants to set a new mountain beside Mann’s Magic Mountain, based on the question: How do you show a sense of citizenship in theatre in a multi-vocal way?

by and with Ferre Marnef, Louis Janssens, Anna Franziska Jäger, Timo Sterckx | technique Eva Dermul | dramaturgy Elke Huybrechts | production d e t h e a t e r m a k e r | coproduction deSingel, De Brakke Grond, Tweetakt Festival in collaboration with CAMPO