Wagner: De halve Ring

De Hotshop, cooler dan De Warme Winkel / Monty

Dutch spoken

A Nazi signboard to some, an anarchist and innovator to others; an intricately-interweaving composer or a musical bore: Wagner leaves nobody cold. In Der Ring des Nibelungen, everything that could be of vital interest to a person/an artist converges in a masterpiece that is as orgiastic as it is pompous. Here, five top actors in the millennial category reinterpret parts I and II of this total theatre, presenting an invigorating ‘half marathon’ with minimal means. Total theatre on rations.

by and with Jonas De Vuyst, Lukas De Wolf, Sara Lâm, Lauranne Paulissen, Verona Verbakel | directed by Ward Weemhoff | technique Manuel Boutreur | sound design S.M. Snider | coproduction Kultuurfaktorij Monty

Kultuurfaktorij Monty, Montignystraat 3 (Google Maps)

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