Witlof from Syria

Sien Vanmaele

Dutch spoken/some words Syrian

Theatre maker Sien Vanmaele is passionate about cooking and theatre. She combines the two as a way of meeting people and critically questioning herself and the world. By asking people of Syrian descent, ‘Would you like to cook with me?’, she meets them at home in their kitchens. Witlof from Syria is the moving account of those encounters in the kitchen. Poetic, grating, extremely honest – and very delicious.

concept, script, performance​ Sien Vanmaele | coaching​ Peter De Bie | production, script editing​ Margot de Sera | dramaturgical advice ​ Merel Heering | final direction ​ Aukje Schaafsma | scenograpy​ Studio Kuurjeus | lighting design ​ Mieke Den Braber | recipe design ​ Vanessa Verstappen | in collaboration with the Brakke Grond (NL), deBuren, Jonge Harten (NL), Laika & VIA ZUID, Zomer van Antwerpen

Arenberg, Arenbergstraat 28 (Google Maps)

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