Where XX and XY, the two sex chromosomes which distinguish a man from a woman, become fluid, is where Moreno Perna’s show XYX comes into being. His one-man play leads us from the clichéd image of a woman as a sensual body to an androgynous creature. Moreno believes that ‘gender’ cannot be deconstructed, only transcended, and in that zone a fluid sensation is created that goes beyond the division between what is male and what is female in our culture. Rather than a message to the spectator, it is a gentle appeal to everything that is both male and female in the spectator.

by and with Moreno Perna | voice Alexander Chapman | text by Moreno Perna and Erich Lutz | light design Raoul Baeten | dramaturgy Edith Cassiers | production LAFS Festival, Dansmaker Amsterdam | coproduction Troubleyn/Jan Fabre