Zieke Jeugd

Vienna, 1923. Against the background of emerging national socialism and a relentless financial crisis, six medical students resort to psychological warfare, sexual intrigues and criminal fantasies. They are young, they are talented, they are witty. They are handsome, they are intelligent, they are sick… Zuidpool did Zieke jeugd (Sick Youth) with a new generation of performers and makers. A razor-sharp dissection of a lost generation, based on the controversial play Krankheit der Jugend by Ferdinand Bruckner (1926).

With Danielle De Nul, Marjan De Schutter, Greet Jacobs, Jonas Leemans, Maya Sannen, Greg Timmermans and Simon Van Buyten | direction Koen van Kaam and Jorgen Cassier | script Ferdinand Bruckner | translation Carel Alphenaar and Rudolf Lucieer | lighting Harry Cole | costumes Anja Perisic | technique David Van Hove and Bart Luypaert | production Zuidpool

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