A Turtle's Tale

Febe Coysman

A Turtle's Tale takes you to the ladies' room of a restaurant, where a man named James goes to hide after having done something horrible. There, he accidentally meets Nina, a suicidal young woman who works as a waitress in the restaurant. Both would actually prefer never to leave the ladies' room again.

"Turtles bear the world on their backs. They were already around at the time of the dinosaurs. When you look into their eyes, you see the world. Turtles feel first with their hearts and after that use their minds to make a choice, step by step. That’s why they are so slow. Slower than humans. Humans live on automatic pilot. Turtles, on the other hand, are aware of everything, they live in the now.”

Directing: Febe Coysman – Performance: Lena Majri, Suzanne Ceulemans, Ellen Vervaet, Gitan Eeckhout – Production (lighting, sound, decor): Lars Uten, Toon de Gols, Kevin Timmermans – Coaching: Ilse De Koe, Arend Pinoy, Bart Capelle and Dirk Verstockt

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