Leon Rogissart & Paul Boereboom

“Ascension is a space that tries to facilitate a safe haven for the inner mantra to resonate.”

“I push myself through the peel, the mass.
The void.
Sometimes gently, sometimes with noise and acceleration,
but always fluid.
Floating, forever floating.
Searching own space”

Paul Boereboom and Leon Rogissart are finishing their studies at the Academy of Theater and Dance in Amsterdam. Their VR production Ascension is based on the search for balance between the head and the heart. How do you achieve this balance? How do the two interact?

by and with Leon Roggisart, Paul Boereboom - with thanks to Marie Van Luijk, Sean Bell, Wim Selles, Quirine Racké, Helena Muskens, Nikki Van Sprundel, Jilt Van Moorst, Harry Schreurs, Dries Himpe

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