contr(a/o) vers(e/u)s


Contr(a/o) vers(e/u) promises to be an extremely physical marathon session danced by Lore Borremans to the accompaniment of her Âmok companion, composer Adam Vincent Clarke. The starting point of this piece is the field of tension between freedom and identity. The search for identity is the most human thing of all: knowing who you are and what group you want to belong to can be liberating, but it can also be a confining label – and thus used against yourself. In her 35-minute solo, Lore Borremans moves between man and woman, individual and universal: it is contra, and it is versus. While dancing, she constructs a landscape out of plates, constantly higher. The higher the top, the deeper the fall. From delicate to dangerous and back again: amok!

concept, creation & direction Lore Borremans
concept, creation & musical score Adam Vincent Clarke
performance Lore Borremans
music Mikko Pablo (cello) & Jeonghee Hwang (soprano)
costume design Mink Laksanaporn Chonsanmoe
camera & montage Laurens Van der Veken
residency Troubleyn/Laboratorium
special thanks to Laura Walravens, Bart Boodts, Koen Quintyn, Antwerp Queer Arts Festival, Troubleyn/Jan Fabre & Subbacultcha Belgium

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